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5 yrs later

Lots of changes these past five years. Turned 40 a few months ago. Going up for tenure this Fall. I have new family members and mourn several of my old family members. Life goes on, I suppose. More liberal than ever, but still living in a red state. Sometimes it feels very unwelcoming. I try to be polite in conversation on current events. But I cannot seem to keep from making my position known. Sometimes I wonder if I'll be overrun with pitchforks and torches.

After the LJ_strike-through I tried DW and IJ, but the fandoms were not as deep. Friends from LJ moved on, as did I. I hung out on Tumblr and, more recently, Imzy, but not in a really sociable way. I'm not sure what the fandom rules are, anymore. I've been observing and reblogging but not really interacting. My fault really. But, RL. I don't produce fan content. Just encouragement and a deep gratitude for those that do.

I almost deleted my 2012 posts, but I decided (obviously) not to. It's good to realize you've grown and your position on many things have changed. If you're interested, ask me about my feminist agenda. 😼

My current interests:


Politics (Global and national)

Tony Stark (a crush from the 80's)

RDJ (an admiration from the 90's)

Star Wars (Lord)

Dragon Age (Still writing mods for DA:I and still trying for a perfect playthrough on Nightmare)


Science Fiction

Empathy and kindness in the face of the unknown

Non-canon Platonic and/or Sexy-times Relationships