Wednesday: What Are You Reading?

Sep. 20th, 2017 03:16 pm
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Posted by cap_im_daily

In the spirit of new comic book day, Wednesdays are dedicated to discussing anything on your reading list right now! Have you picked up any new releases today? Finally started a novel you've been putting off for way too long? Keeping preoccupied with some fanfiction? Don't hesitate to talk about whatever story's on your mind!

Let us know what you've been reading this past week and what's next on your queue!

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Wednesday: What Are You Reading?

Sep. 20th, 2017 03:08 pm
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Posted by cap_im_daily

In the spirit of new comic book day, Wednesdays are dedicated to discussing anything on your reading list right now! Have you picked up any new releases today? Finally started a novel you've been putting off for way too long? Keeping preoccupied with some fanfiction? Don't hesitate to talk about whatever story's on your mind!

Let us know what you've been reading this past week and what's next on your queue!

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Tuesday's Theme: TOUCH

Sep. 19th, 2017 09:02 pm
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Posted by cap_im_daily

Our theme this week is TOUCH. Come share your thoughts!

You can write a story, drabble, headcanon, meta, do art, make a video, gif set, poem, fic rec, song rec — whatever creative way you can think of to connect Stony to the prompt is welcome. Have fun!

If anyone has suggestions for future prompts, feel free to leave them in this post!

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Posted by cap_ironman_fe

Draft sumbmission deadline is approaching!

Rough drafts for the Captain America / Iron Man Big Bang are due by 11:59 PDT Wednesday September 27th (what time is that for me?) . Summaries will be posted for preview sometime on the 28th, and claims will open on the following Saturday (September 30th) at 6:00am PDT (what time is that for me). Claims will be then be given out in the order received. If you are unable to make the claims time, we recommend that you get someone to make your claim by proxy. If you need a proxy claim and are having trouble finding someone, please e-mail us at

Full information on how to submit your draft can be found here.

Full Captain America/Iron Man Big Bang Rules & FAQ

Cap-IM Big Bang: Summary Guide

Sep. 19th, 2017 12:22 am
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Posted by All Steve/Tony all the time


Congratulations! You're almost ready to submit a draft of your story to the Cap-IM Big Bang! Artists will be picking anonymously from a list of submitted stories, and the only information they have to go in is what you give us -- so with that in mind, here are some tips on writing a summary that really stands out!

ONE: A summary should summarize the story itself.

Sometimes when posting a story, you may want to use a quotation from the story, or a dictionary definition of the title, or another quotation -- something to catch readers' interest. While these kinds of summaries can be eye-catching, they aren't very useful for prospective artists. Your artist will want to know what the story itself is about. It doesn't necessarily have to be the most exciting or dramatic summary ever, but it should let them know the basics.

Steve and Tony rescue giant kittens and go on a dinner date.

You will probably want a summary slightly longer than this, but this is a good place to start. If you're writing your story from an outline you already have, you probably already have this information. You might also consider asking your beta to help you summarize your story -- after all, they've already read it!

So where do you go from this sentence? Put yourself in your artist's shoes -- what would make you want to read your story? Assuming it's a romantic slash story, you'd probably want to know more about the romance, right? So, mention a little bit of the character setup and the way the narrative works.

Tony wants nothing more to ask Steve out on a date, but he keeps missing his chance! Every time he's alone with Steve, the Avengers alert goes off. He decides he's not going to let that get to him -- and he asks Steve out while the Avengers are saving giant kittens. He's thrilled when Steve agrees, but the date has its own set of problems -- namely, giant puppies.

In most circumstances, the assumption will be that the POV of your summary matches the POV of your story.

The summary can be different than the final summary of your posted story -- and in many situations, it should be. A posted version of this story, for example, might omit the giant puppies... or even the fact that Steve says yes. This is because you don't necessarily want to give everything away to a reader, but an artist should know more than an ordinary reader. After all, suppose there's someone waiting for the chance to draw Steve and Tony and giant puppies?

TWO: Not too much, not too little.

You're going to want more than a single sentence, but you're not going to want a wall of text, either. You don't need to mention everything that happens, nor do you need to mention every character that appears. Moderation is key.

Use paragraph breaks if necessary.

Please keep your summary under 200 words.

THREE: Be clear about when and where your story is taking place.

When you submit your story, you are asked to submit information about what universe(s) it takes place in -- for example, 616, MCU, Ultimates, AA, AvAc, 1872, 3490, Noir. If you are writing an AU/fusion, this should also be mentioned.

If you are writing an AU with an entirely different setting (such as a coffeeshop AU or a fantasy AU), consider mentioning what universe(s) your story draws its inspiration from in terms of characterization or appearance of the characters. (For example: "AU, based on 616.") Artists often have preferences as to which universes they would like to draw. You don't want to get into a situation where your epic fantasy AU is MCU-based but your artist is uncomfortable drawing RDJ's face.

If you are writing a fusion/crossover based on an existing fandom (e.g., a Star Wars AU), PLEASE indicate somewhere in your submission information (in the universe line or in the summary itself) what other fandom your story is based in. Your artist needs to know this! If you're writing a Star Wars AU, you probably don't want someone who's never seen Star Wars to draw Steve as a Jedi Knight.

Giving information about the setting isn't just for AUs! As the MCU gets larger and larger, and as comics get ever more sprawling, the possibilities for canon-set stories keep expanding. A story where Steve and Tony get together during The Avengers is going to be very different from one where they get together during Captain America: Civil War. Consider using the beginning of your summary to set the scene, time-wise:

After the helicarriers fall, Steve wakes up in the hospital to find Tony at his bedside...

The night before Fisk's men come to the town of Timely...

What if Tony and the Illuminati decided not to wipe Steve's mind?

You don't necessarily have to incorporate the information narratively into your summary; sometimes a line that says set during Iron Man v1 #182 is enough. And, of course, sometimes the particular details don't matter. But if it's important to the story, it should be there, and if it's set in an era of canon that not everyone is equally comfortable with (such as The Crossing or Secret Empire), your prospective artists should know that.

FOUR: Mention warnings.

This leads into the next point: warnings.

Even if you decide to label the story as Choose Not To Warn when you post it, you MUST list all applicable warnings with your story for the claims process. You are REQUIRED to warn for the major common warnings -- non-con/rape, dub-con, graphic violence, underage sex (characters under 18 years old), major character death. Please also warn for topics such as incest, as well as any other common triggers. If your story pairs Steve and Tony with other people at any point, you should mention that.

If your story contains one of these elements, you may wish to provide more detail about its appearance in the story, for example:

Consent issues: Tony is blackout drunk and makes a pass at Steve. There is kissing, but Steve ultimately turns Tony down; no sex takes place until Tony is sober.

One scene of graphic torture and bodily mutilation (Tony loses a hand).

Incest as per Ultimates canon; Steve walks in on Wanda and Pietro kissing.

Consensual sex in which Steve is 17 and Tony is 16.

Steve/Tony is endgame, but Tony sleeps with Tiberius Stone and Sunset Bain. Only the Steve/Tony sex is explicit; the rest is fade-to-black.

Steve dies.

Please also consider warning for story elements that are liked by some people and disliked by others, such as A/B/O or BDSM. This information enables artists to avoid content that triggers or squicks them -- and it lets them find content they're excited to illustrate!

FIVE: Be enticing.

Specifically, you want to be enticing for the purposes of art. You're writing this summary for the purpose of attracting an artist. If there's something in your story that you think someone might think is fun to draw, make sure to say so! If it doesn't fit in the actual summary, you are welcome to optionally include it after the summary.

The Avengers fight Godzilla.

Contains giant robots!

Steve is Nomad, with the cape and everything!

Steve and Tony vacation in Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower.

Tony and Steve swap uniforms.


Putting all this together, here's an example of a summary:

It's no secret to Tony that his father thought well of Captain America. It's not even a secret that he wished Tony had been more like Cap. But Tony didn't realize how much he meant it -- until his father's will is read, and there is a bizarre codicil. Tony stands to inherit a previously-unknown treasure trove of his father's plans and inventions... if he marries Captain America by the time he's 45. This has to be a joke. It's never going to happen, because Captain America's dead. But when Tony is 41, SHIELD finds Captain America in the Arctic, and suddenly no one is joking anymore. SHIELD wants to get their hands on Howard's plans more than anything. It turns out they can make Tony marry Steve Rogers. And, even worse, it turns out Tony's in love with him.

(Tony is with Pepper at the beginning of the story. There are no standard warnings, but he drinks a lot. Contains Steve and Tony getting married -- Steve wears his Army uniform to the ceremony -- and many romantic scenes of Steve and Tony dancing in the moonlight.)

The additional paragraph is optional, depending on whether your fic has warnings that need to be explained, and whether you want to give additional visual information for your artist.

Good luck with your summaries, and have fun writing!

Monday: Donate-a-Prompt

Sep. 18th, 2017 10:27 pm
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Posted by cap_im_daily

Don't we all know this feeling of having too many ideas to write and no time to write them all? Is there this one headcanon that you really want to read but can't write it? Or that frustration when you actually do want to write but you can't come up with anything?

If you have prompts or headcanons that you want to provide for your fellow writers and/or artists, here's the time and place! Anything is welcome, just take note to attach appropriate warnings if applicable.

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Holiday Exchange 2017 Announcement

Sep. 17th, 2017 06:23 pm
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Posted by cap_ironman_fe

Our annual winter event, Cap-Iron Man Holiday Exchange, is coming soon!

Like last year, there will be two parts to the event: the Gift Exchange and Community Gifts. For the Exchange, participants must sign up before the deadline. They will then be anonymously matched to create gifts for one another. Community Gifts are open prompts that anyone can submit, and anyone is free to fill, with no sign-ups and no obligation.

You can view the full schedule here in our DW community.

Keep an eye out in October for the Rules & FAQ posts, as well as detailed sign-up information.
If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact us at, or in the comments on this post.

Your mods,

laireshi, salmastryon, navaan, Tisfan, FestiveFerret

Sunday: Open Discussions

Sep. 17th, 2017 05:09 pm
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Posted by cap_im_daily

Welcome to our Sunday open discussion thread! Every week we'll have either open discussions or miscellaneous activities that come up. You can talk about anything to your heart's content, stony-related or otherwise! What's going on in your life?
And don't forget:

  • All the Tiny Reverse Bang art prompts have been posted! You have one more week to write fills for any of this year's art and t obe included in the final round-up. Check out this post for more information!

  • The Cap/IronMan Big Bang Writers registration is approaching! Keep working on your fics and keep a look out for the sign-up information!

  • There's more additional news in the September Cap-IM Newsletter, posted just earlier today!

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Cap-IM Newsletter: September

Sep. 17th, 2017 01:00 am
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Posted by All Steve/Tony all the time

Comm News:

If you haven’t seen them already ,Cap-Ironman Monthly Fanworks round up for August can be found right here.

The SteveTony Kink Meme Round Three is now open! The round will run for the entire month, and you’re free to post and fill as many prompts as you want. All the round information and prompts are in this post, and remember you can fill from any previous round.

You still have time to join the fun of the Cap-Ironman Tiny Reverse Bang! This week will be the TRB Amnesty week to give everyone a chance to write for ALL the art prompts they missed, before the final round up and closing of the TRB. Fills need only be 100 words. Also, as a reminder, you can use your Tiny Reverse Bang fills to fulfil a square on your bingo card if you want. All information and updates about the event, and about Amnesty Week can be found over on the Cap-Ironman Tiny Reverse Bang Tumblr.

Cap-Ironman Big Bang Draft submission deadline is coming up. In order to sign up as an author, you must submit a draft of your story that is 80% of the minimum word count of 25,000 words by the draft deadline, which is September 27th. Claims for artists will open September 30th. Stay tuned for more detailed information regarding how to submit your drafts, and how to make a claim. If you want to brainstorm or discuss your projects, or get support, be sure to check out the Thursday Creator Workshop Discussion posts. You can also swing by the Cap-Ironman IRC Chat and discuss what you’re working on over there.

Cap-Iron Man Holiday Exchange found new mods - keep an eye out for further announcements about the exchange!

Fandom News
Steve Tony Studios is currently working on a Super Husbands Aluminum Anthology in Celebration of 10 Years since The Confession. The anthology will be available September 20th as a free to download PDF. For more information about the project, </a> check out the project page.

Marvel News - possible spoilers:

Secret Empire #10 which came out a couple of weeks ago saw the return of Heroic Cap just in time for the Secret Empire Finale.

Secret Empire: Omega #1 hit shelves this past Wednesday, and will take a look at the aftermath of the Victory against Hydra!Cap, and what his fate may be. A preview of the issue can be seen here.

Generations: Iron Man & Ironheart came out, giving Riri a chance to meet future Tony Stark who turned out to be Sorcerer Supreme! More information and a review is available here.

Marvel Solicitations for November have been published, including titles for Iron Man, and the search for Tony Stark, Captain America, where Steve begins a cross country trip to try and restore his tarnished reputation, and Avengers. Check out the full list here.


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